Drop the Bookie was originally designed with a fantasy football focus – leading us to the name DROP the bookie.  Fantasy football is a difficult thing to master, and we continue to have some good weeks and close calls.  The fantasy tools we have developed and provide to our followers are very good, but to win big in fantasy, luck is plays a major factor. Our tools can help you draw up the best lineups each week, but luck will play a big role in hitting big.

So, why the addition of sports picks? Well, this goes back a bit… we have always been active with sports betting all the way back to the iconic Vince Young rushing TD to win the National Championship against USC… which is where it really began.  Over time, we had developed different tools and analytics, but nothing was good enough… until 2018.  We had tweaked our tool a few dozen times to barely reach 52% success, which was still nowhere near good enough.  One week back in 2018, we used our model and drew up a 5 team parlay… it ended up hitting for $$$$.  This started the sports consulting side of Drop the Bookie.  We wanted to spread our knowledge and analytics to everyone, because everyone deserves to win.

We continue to tweak to this day, and if you have followed us over time you may have seen the tweaks in real time as we have shrunk our daily picks down to 2-4 a day on average and shifted away from certain sports/lines.  They all may hit, they all may lose… but we ensure you that we are providing our best plays day in and day out.  If you expect to come to us and win every single bet we put out, then you have come to the wrong place.  Nobody hits 100%, and if they say they do then… it is a scam.  To expect all of them to hit every day is not realistic, but we promise all of our followers one thing – we will provide our best picks every day, and through all of the ups and downs, you will enjoy the ride.