March Sadness Rules and Results

  • 1 Pick Per Day – Must make a pick every day to qualify.
  • NO MONEYLINES except with MLB, NHL, Soccer. Max ML for these: -150.
  • Your line locks when the pick is sent in.
  • You can pick ANY sport, any line… including 1st half lines.
  • To WIN:Β  You must finish the month over 60% correct to win.
  • 2 Tie – All Tie… there must be an outright solo winner.
  • If we have no OUTRIGHT winner for a month, the pot carries over to the following month.
  • This contest runs from March 1 to March 31.


PlayerOverall RecordWin %
Drop the Bookie17–12-258.6%
Trigga Mike18-1358.1%
Chunn and Done16-14-153.3%
Busted Beatz15-1648.4%
Kodiak Kal14-15-248.3%


PlayerMarch 1March 2March 3March 4March 5March 6March 7March 8March 9March 10March 11March 12March 13March 14March 15March 16March 17March 18March 19March 20March 21March 22March 23March 24March 25March 26March 27March 28March 29March 30March 31
Drop the BookieCampbell +2 πŸ’°NYI πŸ’°PSG -1 πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈEKY -1.5 πŸ’°Loyola Marymount +1 πŸ’°S Utah -3.5 πŸ’°Campbell +11.5 ❌VGK ❌BVB ❌UTSA -4.5 πŸ’°Georgetown +8 πŸ’°Arkansas -3 πŸ’°Charlotte -2 πŸ’°St Bon -2.5 πŸ’°Vancouver (In Reg)❌Minnesota (In Reg)πŸ’°Sevilla -1πŸ’°Florida (In Reg)❌VGK (In Reg)πŸ’°CAR (In Reg)❌VGK (In Reg)❌Bellarmine -1.5πŸ’°PHI -3πŸ’°ATL -3❌NYK -3πŸ’°Hughes to Win vs GoochπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈO ROB +11.5πŸ’°LAL -6.5❌MIN In Reg❌CAR In Reg❌VGK In Reg❌
Trigga MikeDEN/CHI o226 πŸ’°Arkansas -6.5 πŸ’°Maryland -4 ❌OK ST +12 πŸ’°St Bon -7 πŸ’°FSU -6 ❌UNCG -2.5 πŸ’°UNCG -3.5 πŸ’°Cleveland St -2 πŸ’°SAC ST/N COL o132.5 πŸ’°Toledo -7.5 ❌Michigan -8 πŸ’°Arkansas -3.5 ❌LSU/Bama u158.5 ❌WPG/MTL o5.5πŸ’°Carolina (In Reg)❌BKN -3πŸ’°TB (In Reg)πŸ’°Spurs -3πŸ’°FLA (In Reg)πŸ’°Illini -7❌FSU -1.5πŸ’°PHX +1πŸ’°DEN -2❌NYK -3πŸ’°Bryson to Win vs Fleetwood❌NYR/PHI o6❌Bama -6.5❌BAY/ARK o147.5πŸ’°MICH -6.5❌NYK -3.5❌
Kodiak KalUNC -2 ❌Arkansas -6.5πŸ’°Maryland -4 ❌RICH -3.5 ❌C Michigan -5.5 ❌UNC -2.5 πŸ’°UNCG -2.5 πŸ’°UNCG -5 πŸ’°Pitt -3 ❌UNC -6.5 πŸ’°MSU +1.5 ❌OSU -1.5 πŸ’°Hartford -3 πŸ’°Thomas -.5 vs Ghim πŸ’°Charlotte -2.5 πŸ’°Portland -2❌BKN -3.5πŸ’°SMU +1πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈUNC -1.5❌OU +1πŸ’°Wisc +6.5❌Iowa -5.5❌TB (In Reg)πŸ’°CHA/HOU o222.5❌LAC -6.5πŸ’°Hughes to Win vs GoochπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈBaylor -7.5πŸ’°Scheffler to Win vs KuchπŸ’°Celtics -3.5❌Zags -8.5πŸ’°NYK -3.5❌
Busted BeatzUVA/MIA o123 ❌Xavier PK ❌St John's -1.5 πŸ’°UMASS -2.5 πŸ’°W Carolina -2.5 ❌FSU -6.5 ❌Cincy -1.5 πŸ’°Cleveland St -3.5 πŸ’°Pitt -3 ❌NC ST +3 ❌Kentucky -3.5 ❌LSU/MISS o144 πŸ’°Charlotte -2 πŸ’°LSU/Bama o74.5 1st HalfπŸ’°GS Warriors +2❌NOP/POR o240.5πŸ’°CHA/DEN 0229.5πŸ’°MTSM -1❌LIB/OK ST o140.5❌St Bon +1.5❌Cuse +4πŸ’°Karlovic MLπŸ’°PHX/MIA u216πŸ’°Pepperdine -4.5πŸ’°Sergio to WinπŸ’°Fritelli to Win vs Zalatoris❌Cuse +6.5❌FSU +2❌NYY❌Taylor Fritz❌Bublik +3.5πŸ’°
T-MoneyOU -1 ❌PHX Suns +2 πŸ’°Wichita St -4.5 πŸ’°MIL -5.5 ❌Miami -3.5 πŸ’°FSU -6.5 ❌Michigan -7.5 ❌VGK ❌Bryant -4.5 ❌Duke -2 πŸ’°UVA -5 ❌Michigan -7.5 πŸ’°Charlotte -2 πŸ’°Bama -6 ❌BKN -7.5❌Utah -4.5πŸ’°Bucks -5.5❌Hornets +8❌Clemson +2❌LSU -2πŸ’°Or Rob +8.5πŸ’°Bama -5.5πŸ’°DEN -7.5πŸ’°MEM -4.5πŸ’°SAC -2πŸ’°BKN -3.5❌Nova +7.5❌Oregon +2❌BAY/ARK u149❌Zags -8.5πŸ’°Jazz -4.5❌
Chunn and DoneOK ST +3 πŸ’°Detroit Mercy -1.5 ❌St Joe's -3 πŸ’°GWU +7.5 ❌Morehead St -1 πŸ’°NY Rangers πŸ’°Dallas Stars ❌Rider +6 πŸ’°FLA Panthers πŸ’°Stanford -6 ❌MSU +1.5 ❌N TX +1 πŸ’°CHI/FLA o6 πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈPortland -4.5 ❌NSH/TB o5.5 ❌Penguins ML❌Bucks -5.5❌Wich St +2πŸ’°ARK/COL o162❌St Bon +2❌Rutgers +7.5πŸ’°OR/IA o148πŸ’°PHI -4πŸ’°WPGπŸ’°NC ST -1.5❌Denver -2πŸ’°ARK -11.5❌FSU/MICH u143πŸ’°Arkansas +7.5❌MICH/UCLA u135πŸ’°Heat -2πŸ’°