No Juice June Rules and Results

  • 1 Pick Per Day – Must make a pick every day to qualify.
  • Picks must be submitted by 12pm.
  • Your line locks when the pick is sent in… if the line moves up/down you are locked in when you submit.
  • No Buying Points.
  • You can pick ANY sport, ANY line…NO MONEYLINES except with MLB, NHL, Soccer. Max ML: -150.
  • To WIN:  You must finish the month over 63% correct.
  • 2 Tie – All Tie… there must be an outright solo winner.
  • If we have no OUTRIGHT winner for a month, the pot carries over to the following month.
  • This contest runs from June 1 to June 30.
PlayerOverall RecordWin %
Busted Beatz20-1066.7%
Trigga Mike17-1355.2%
Kodiak Kal16-1453.3%
Drop the Bookie14-1646.7%
Chunn and Done11-19❄️36.7%


PlayerJune 1June 2June 3June 4June 5June 6June 7June 8June 9June 10June 11June 12June 13June 14June 15June 16June 17June 18June 19June 20June 21June 22June 23June 24June 25June 26June 27June 28June 29June 30
Drop the BookieSD/CHC o7.5❌COL In Reg❌BOS/HOU o9❌Tigers +.5 First 5❌MIN/KC o8.5💰Indians❌MTL💰Utah -4❌BOS/NYI o5💰NYY❌Angels💰Belgium💰Astros💰MIN/SEA o7.5❌FRA/GER Both to Score❌LAD❌Belgium💰Red Sox❌Columbus💰TOR/BAL o9.5💰Brewers❌TB/BOS o7💰Athletics❌Athletics💰Rays💰COL/MIL o7.5💰COL/MIL o8.5❌France -.5❌White Sox💰Vanderbilt❌
Trigga MikeBraves❌Hawks +2💰Suns +2💰WPG❌Nets -4💰Mavs +6.5❌Nets -1.5💰Hurricanes ❌BCMU FC💰Nets +3.5💰Braves❌Angels💰Hadley to Win❌Virginia💰Real Madrid +8.5❌VGK In Reg❌Nets +7❌Giants💰Nets -1.5❌Hawks +7💰CubsOakland💰Athletics❌Athletics💰Vandy💰Suns -1💰Yankees❌Suns -5❌Braves❌Suns💰
Kodiak KalBraves❌Blue Jays💰Braves💰Cardinals❌Rays💰Lexi Thompson to Win❌Red Sox💰Giants💰Red Sox❌VGK In Reg💰Angels💰Red Sox❌Suns -1.5💰Royals❌Mets💰Brewers❌Higgo to Win vs Bez❌Braves💰Red SoxHughes to Win❌Padres💰Brewers💰Lightning❌Fowler to Win vs Molinari💰Cantlay to Win vs Scheffler❌Cardinals💰Giants❌Red Sox💰No PickNo Pick
Busted BeatzDjokovic/Sandgren u26.5💰Winnipeg❌POR/DEN o227.5💰WPG/MTL u5.5💰BKN/MIL o60.5 1st Q💰ATL/PHI o220.5💰BKN/MIL o235.5❌ATL/PHI o223.5❌BOS/NYI u5.5❌Bucks -2.5💰Tsitsipas -4.5💰Clippers -4.5💰Tsitsipas +5.5💰Clippers -4.5💰MIL/BKN o217.5💰76ers -6.5❌BKN/MIL o220.5❌76ers -2.5💰Bucks💰Suns -3.5💰Stanford +1.5💰Suns -4.5❌Stanford/Vandy o9.5💰Suns -1❌MIL/ATL u226.5💰Cardinals💰Netherlands❌Spain/Croatia o2💰ATL/MIL u219.5💰Vanderbilt❌
T-MoneyCeltics +12.5❌Mavs +7💰Lakers -2❌Clippers -2.5💰BKN/MIL o239.5❌Mavs +6.5❌Nuggets +4.5❌76ers -4.5💰PHX/DEN o222.5❌Bucks -3.5❌76ers +1.5💰Jazz +4.5❌Nets -1.5❌ATL/PHI o225.5❌MIL/BKN o220💰Jazz -2.5❌Bucks -5.5💰76ers -2.5💰Stanford❌Vols -1.5❌Vandy -1.5❌PHX/LAC o223.5❌Cardinals❌Texas💰Vandy -1.5💰Suns -1💰Cardinals❌PHX/LAC o214💰Hawks +7💰Vanderbilt❌
Chunn and DoneTB Rays❌Wizards +7❌Braves💰Clippers -2.5💰Phillies💰CHW -1.5💰Bucks +1.5❌Reds❌OAK/AZ o8.5❌NYY/MIN u11❌76ers -1💰Yankees❌Bucks u113💰Jazz +5.5❌Braves❌76ers -6.5❌Nets +5.5❌Giants💰Speith to Win vs Casey❌Rahm to Win vs DJ💰Oakland❌Rays❌Bucks -8❌PHX/LAC o221.5❌MIL/ATL u224.5💰PHX/LAC o218❌Hawks +4.5❌Clippers +5.5💰No PickYankees❌ White Sox💰