• 1 Pick Per Day – Must make a pick every day to qualify.
  • Picks must be submitted by 12pm.
  • Your line locks when the pick is sent in… if the line moves up/down you are locked in when you submit.
  • You can pick ANY sport, ANY line… including 1st half lines.
  • NO MONEYLINES except with MLB, NHL, Soccer. Max ML for these: -150.
  • To WIN:  You must finish the month over 60% correct to win.
  • 2 Tie – All Tie… there must be an outright solo winner.
  • If we have no OUTRIGHT winner for a month, the pot carries over to the following month.
  • This contest runs from May 1 to May 31.
PlayerOverall RecordWin %
Chunn and Done21-1067.7%
Trigga Mike19-1261.3%
Kodiak Kal16-14-153.3%
Drop the Bookie15-14-251.7%
Busted Beatz16-1551.6%


PlayerMay 1May 2May 3May 4May 5May 6May 7May 8May 9May 10May 11May 12May 13May 14May 15May 16May 17May 18May 19May 20May 21May 22May 23May 24May 25May 26May 27May 28May 29May 30May 31
Drop the BookieLille -1💰Juventus -1🤷‍♂️Sevilla -1❌MCI/PSG o2.5 + Both to Score❌NSH In Reg❌EDM -1.5❌White Sox💰Lazio❌PSG -1❌PIT/CIN o7.5💰MAN U PK In Reg❌Celta PK In Reg💰VIL/VAL Both to Score❌Brewers❌Cruz Azul💰Penguins❌COL -1.5💰VGK In Reg💰ARS +o1.5 Total Goals💰Yankees💰Indians❌NYCFC❌Phil to Win💰COL/NYM o6.5❌NSH/CAR o5.5❌Padres💰White Sox -1.5💰VGK In Reg💰Cubs💰Mets 🤷‍♂️Giants💰
Trigga MikeEssential Quality to Win❌Hamlin top 5❌TB/LAA o3.5 First 5💰Real Madrid +8💰Vechta💰Hapoel Eilat -4💰Thorl vs Thor AK Akureyri u182❌Reed to Win vs Cink💰Rory to Win💰Minas Storm +1.5❌Nets -5💰Sao Paulo💰Sporting CP💰Warriors -2💰Laurel River❌GSW -3💰Monaco -10💰Reyer Venezia +6❌Hurricanes In Reg💰Washington -3.5💰GSW -4.5❌Yankees -.5 First 5💰Phil to Win💰Bucks -4.5💰Stjarnan -3❌Grizzlies +9.5❌Suns +7❌Nets -7.5❌Bucks -4.5💰Nets -7.5💰PHI -8✖️
Kodiak KalCardinals💰Phillies❌Angels❌Mariners💰Mariners❌Royals❌Cubs💰Astros❌Red Sox💰Red Sox❌SF Giants❌Phillies💰Yankees❌Red Sox💰Yankees💰Padres💰Braves❌Hornets +3❌Memphis -4🤷‍♂️Phillies❌Koepka to Win Group💰Koepka to Win vs Grace💰Koepka to Win❌Mets❌Suns +1.5❌Red Sox💰Cubs💰Oakland💰Bucks -4.5💰Oakland❌Giants💰
Busted BeatzCardinals💰Reds💰Cardinals💰Heat -3❌ORL/BOS o218.5💰STL/NYM o7.5❌Rockets +16.5💰Rays❌Red Sox💰BAL/BOS o8.5❌CHC/CLE o6.5❌Jannik Sinner +5💰Blue Jays +1.5💰DeChambeau to Win vs Burns❌Yankees💰Braves❌Reds❌Celtics -2💰LAL/GSW o219.5✖️Washington -3💰Hurricanes❌POR/DEN o227.5💰NYK/ATL o215❌POR/DEN o226.5💰PHX/LAL o207.5💰NYK/ATL o212.5❌Hurricanes💰Hawks -2.5💰DEN/POR o227.5❌Hawks 1Q❌
T-MoneyPelicans -3.5💰Nationals💰Nuggets -3.5❌Braves💰Padres -1.5💰Cardinals❌Padres❌Nuggets +4.5❌Red Sox💰Jazz -3❌Dodgers -1.5💰Celtics -6.5❌Braves❌Giants❌Hornets +6❌GSW -3.5💰Braves❌Celtics -2💰Lakers -5✖️Washington -3.5💰Brewers❌Bucks -4.5❌LAL/PHX o213❌Nuggets -1.5💰Celtics +9.5❌Jazz -8.5💰Suns +7❌Celtics +8💰Jazz -5💰Suns +6.5💰Utah -5.5💰
Chunn and DoneDodgers❌Celtics -1❌Cardinals💰Hornets -7❌PHX/ATL o228💰Bruins In Reg💰Mets💰Padres❌CHC/PIT o6💰Warriors +3💰Clippers -12💰ATL/TOR o7.5❌Yankees❌Rays💰Kicks -5.5💰HOU/TX o7.5💰Bruins💰WSH/BOS u233💰White Sox💰Yankees💰BOS/WSH u5.5💰Clippers -5.5❌NYK -1.5❌Nuggets -1.5💰Yankees -1.5❌NYK -1.5💰Cubs💰LAL/DAL u219✖️Cubs💰Nets -7.5💰SF/LAA u8💰